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Vaccinating New York will likely cost around a billion dollars

Governor Andrew Cuomo says it’s going to cost around a billion dollars for New York to successfully vaccinate the state against COVID-19.

He says that between convincing cautious New Yorkers to take the shot, and outright administration of a very complicated vaccination process will cost hundreds of millions, if not a billion dollars.

It’s money that New York does not have. The state currently is staring down a $10 billion deficit. They are seeking out federal funding to help balance the books and cover the long-term expense of vaccinating residents.

“I think it will go a long, long way of course safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our long-term care residents, but really it’s going to have a direct impact on our communities and the prevalence of COVID in New York,” Cuomo said during a press conference on Thursday.

The first round of vaccines, which will be roughly 170,000 doses will be for long-term care residents and workers. Healthcare workers will also see doses come their way.