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Surprise party in Canandaigua leads to a number of new COVID cases in Ontario County

The recent uptick in cases is connected to gatherings. However, a surprise party at the Moose Lodge in Canandaigua is said to have had a bigger toll on Ontario County’s fight with COVID-19.

The Ontario County Health Department had reported 70 new cases, which 62 had been connected to community spread.

Ontario County Public Health Director Mary Beer said a surprise party held on November 28th at the Moose Lodge resulted in a number of new cases.

“We know that this gathering is the source of several new cases, and anyone who attended the party should be taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and others. Self-quarantine, watch your symptoms, and get tested,” Beer said in a statement. “Even individuals who attended the party and are not displaying symptoms should be taking these precautionary measures. They could be an asymptomatic super spreader.”

Interim County Administrator Brian Young tells The Canandaigua Messenger that he’s concerned about the new phase of the pandemic that the region has clearly found itself in.

“Our public health team is stretched dangerously thin as a result of the recent caseload. Residents need to do their part to stop the spread, and that means to stop holding and stop attending social gatherings,” he pleaded. “Our contact tracing shows that social gatherings are at the center of the county’s recent outbreaks. We need our residents to take this very seriously and do their part to stop the spread of the virus.”

There are 362 active cases now in Ontario County, with 615 people in mandatory quarantine.

Three more hospitalizations were added bringing the total to 15. There were no new deaths reported on Thursday.