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Daily Debrief: Can news organizations survive the Coronavirus Pandemic? (podcast)

Earlier this year we talked with Steve Keeler from Cayuga Community College. It was mid-April and the economy had only been shut down for a few weeks. However, it was clear that the media landscape was going to change. In fact, it was already happening before the pandemic began. The virus just accelerated the change. Newsrooms went virtual. Television broadcasts were driven by webcams and Zoom calls. And the equipment we use to make podcasts like the one you’re about to listen to became hard to find.

Today we rewind nearly 100 episodes, and go back to our conversation with Steve Keeler from the start of the pandemic.

Editor’s Note: Early in the episode, we reference the full-conversation with Steve, which is available in the Inside the FLX feed. That show no longer exists, but the archived episode can be listened to here.


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