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BetSofa Review of Spurs’ Prospects in Premier League

Jose Mourinho, Tottenham manager states about the Premier League’s top quality. He is sure that his team can quickly achieve anything in any European country. Still, he assumes that the Premier League might become a challenge. Let’s recall that Harry Kane scored a goal in the match against West Brom to seal the victory for his team. That day, Tottenham rushed to the top of the league table, winning 1:0.

At the same time, Leicester’s defeated Wolves, keeping Tottenham grounded about their ambitions. So, Mourinho takes the situation seriously enough to see real obstacles on their way to a victory in Premier League. Of course, he has managed to win three times. Still, will he be able to grab the fourth title? Nobody knows, but everybody can make predictions and place bets on

Will Tottenham Win Premier League?

This news comes with many points to think about before choosing the odds:

  • The team can boast a successful season, making the stats work for its favor.
  • However, they will face real football monsters that might deprive Tottenham of the future championship title despite their previous victories.
  • Note that the team reached the top for the first time since 2014.
  • Much will depend on whether Luka Modric remains at the club. The victory is getting phantom if he leaves.

Generally, it’s challenging to predict the this-year campaign’s outcome because of too many unbelievable events the fans have seen until this moment.

Aqua Digital Rising Struck the Fans with Its Predictions

A Big Data and AI-Analytics computer analyzed over five hundreds of isolated data points. It converted them into a real-time situation to help people understand what they may expect. The algorithm grounded the analyses on previous stats, historical sports events, player’s skills and profiles, and tons of other aspects essential for each match’s outcome. The artificial intelligence processed the information to display the teams’ position. According to the computer, Tottenham should place the third position with 71 points, behind Man City (81 points). Liverpool is going to win the tournament, having 83 points.

However, the algorithm cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy of the result since the human factor always rocks. Anyway, it would help if you made personal conclusions before dive into football betting on BetSofa. If you have already decided, enter the platform, create an account, and choose the possible champion. Besides, you can pick other types of bets (Asian handicap, home draw away, both teams to score, etc.) to ensure more winnings.

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