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Why Do Some Bettors Prefer Live Casino Games to Slots?

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Although there are still people that don’t like them, online casinos are a great way to have fun. Most gambling operators offer loads of games, bonuses, and incredible features, which is why more people are betting online than ever before.

There are many things that make an online casino worth it, but perhaps the live titles stand out. Consequently, many operators try to add as many games with live dealers as possible to attract new customers.

Although the live titles are fantastic, most bettors still prefer to play slots. However, we believe that this will change soon, and here a few reasons why.

The live casino games are just fantastic

Even if you like slots, you can’t deny that there is just something about the games with live dealers that make them stand out. The idea behind these titles is to allow customers to get a similar feeling as if they’re betting in a land-based casino. Therefore, many old-school bettors love this because they no longer have to visit a “physical casino”.

What makes the live games so thrilling is the fact you can interact with a real croupier. Thanks to the HD livestreams, you can see this person and compete against other players, which is really cool.

Some live casino games have exclusive bonuses

Apart from the HD quality and the fact you can compete against other players, some live casino titles also have special bonuses. Generally speaking, the promos are one reason why bettors like going to online casinos in the first place.

Apart from the regular promos available for every game, some websites offer special live casino rewards. Silentbet ranked the best online casinos for this year, so check out the list if you want to see the casinos that have exclusive promos.

You can try out multiple game shows

Most old-school bettors that discover the live casino section play blackjack and roulette. These two games have multiple variations, and each one is great, but you can also play regular blackjack and roulette titles, which doesn’t make them that special.

However, there are also a few games known as “Game Shows”, which are incredible. Most of them have something to do with spinning a wheel, but there are some unique titles, such as Monopoly Live. Unfortunately, only a few live casino software developers have the resources for those types of games. Consequently, you might not find them in every casino.

The games with live dealers allow punters to place big bets

One of the things that you will notice on some slots is that you’re not allowed to place big bets. Even though there are some exceptions, most slots have a specific limit that you need to comply with.

On the contrary, every live table has a really high maximum bet requirement. So, if you want to bet a lot of money, these games are a better option. Just bear in mind that the minimum requirement might also be pretty high.

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