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7 signs your partner is likely to cheat or is already cheating

Many breakups are a result of infidelity. It is never the same after confirming that your partner has cheated on you. But, first thing first. How do you tell if your partner is cheating on you? What are the signs that your better half is likely to cheat? This is what we shall look at in this post.

But before that,

Can a Tarot Reading Help Tell if Your Partner is a Cheater?

People seek the help of tarot card readers to get answers regarding their relationship. And yes, getting a tarot reading can help you know if your partner is unfaithful.

Specifically, cheating tarot cards will help shed light on your relationship. The common tarot cheat cards include The Moon, The High Priestess, The Tower, The Fool, The 2 of Pentacles, etc.

Since each of these cards means a different thing, find a professional reader who reads tarot cards for cheating and infidelity to help you out.

Signs of cheating vary. Nevertheless, if you notice any of these signs, there’s a high chance that your partner is likely or is already cheating on you.

1. They are Jealous and Anxious

Does your partner get anxious and jealous easily? If yes, it could be a sign they will cheat on you. Although some people become jealous for fear of losing their partners, there is a probability that they might be insecure when you are around other people.

If you have been in a relationship for a while and you have noticed an increase in jealousy, it’s high time you investigate whether he is cheating.

2. They are Hiding Things on Their Phone

When someone is about to cheat or is already cheating, a phone or an iPad is one of the platforms for communication. If their phone rings or they receive a message and you notice they have panicked, something is off.

If it was not a problem to check their emails before, but now they don’t want you near their phone, there is something wrong.

Watch out if your partner is becoming more private with their gadgets or is deleting messages more than before. After all, in a transparent relationship, there is no need to clear calls and browsing history!

3. Friends Behaving Differently

In any case of infidelity, the betrayed is always the last to know. Most of your partner’s friends are aware of the betrayal long before you do. In most cases, your friends too are aware but unable to let you know about it.

Knowing that your relationship is about to get messy, some friends tend to keep off or behave weirdly when around you. On the other hand, you may notice some friends being too nice and sometimes shy away from any conversation regarding your partner.

4. Unexplained Expenses

Infidelity is expensive. From drinks to gifts to dinners to hotel rooms, the cost is too much. Check out for unexplained withdrawals from your or your partner’s account.

Ask for an explanation to verify if the withdrawals were necessary. If you think they are lying, try to investigate why the money was withdrawn before concluding.

5. Change in Appearance

If you notice a change in fashion, haircut, eating healthily, or sudden exercises, you may need to look deeper. They may be trying to appear attractive to someone else or to fit someone’s description of the desired partner. If your partner looks ordinary when around you and looks super cool when going out, there is a probability they are cheating.

6. Lack of Intimacy

When did you and your partner go out for dinner or to have fun? If it has been quite a while and you were the kind to roll around the hay, then he is pulling back. If there is nothing you are aware of that is causing the distance between the both of you, something is wrong.

When someone is cheating, they don’t need anything from their partner because they will be catered for elsewhere. They could also be more caring and loving trying to hide their guilt from their partner.

If you feel as if your partner is pulling back or is being too romantic, try to find out why.

7. They are Untraceable

If you are in a relationship for some time, it’s likely you know each other’s schedule. If your partner is not where they are supposed to be, ask why. When someone is on anything shady, they keep on lying about their whereabouts.

Before concluding if your partner is a cheater or trying to be one, try to have a conversation about your fears or doubts.

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