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How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner: 6 quick tips

Some will say it’s for the lazy boned, others may say it’s a status symbol, yet some will say it’s a complete waste of money. Better spend it on something more worthwhile. Whatever some people might choose to say, we beg to differ. Robot cleaners are definitely the way to go. It is worthwhile for you to have one and that you are worse off not having one in your home. 

However, to have a robot vacuum cleaner in your home you have to buy it first. Buying one is very much unlike getting into your neighbourhood shop and buying a carton of cornflakes, where the only minus you just might encounter is that the cornflakes are past expiry date. This is buying household equipment that you want to derive the maximum benefit from. To be able to get such great buys it is worth looking at some of the things  one can do to make the best possible decision.

  1. How Big is your House

    The first tip we give here is that, think about the size of your house before deciding on the type of robot vacuum cleaner to buy. There are many models on the market to suit different environments. Some models are designed for smaller spaces like apartment rooms or small flats whilst some of the more powerful models can handle very large rooms.

  2. How is your Furniture Spaced

    A robot vacuum cleaner is just that. A robot. It does not think. It is programmed to navigate around obstacles and to manoeuvre itself through open spaces. Different models have different capabilities where these aspects are concerned. So consider carefully how the furniture fittings and appliances in your rooms are arranged and spaced.There are small models that are around 7cm tall, perfect for beds and dressers that have little space underneath and for rooms in which household items are arranged close together. The larger models are more suited to cleaning rooms with wide open spaces.

  3. Consider the Type of Surface

    Different homes have rooms with different surfaces. Some have bare smooth polished tiles, some have hard polished hardwood floorboards whilst others are carpeted. Yet others have rugs placed at various points around them. Robot cleaners are designed and constructed with all these in mind. Most models can handle different surfaces. How? When these versatile models are moving over smooth surfaces like polished hardwood floors or smooth tiles, they run at low power. When they encounter carpets they automatically increase power and traction as the softer carpet surface has more drag. However, some robot vacuum cleaner models are designed to clean one type of surface, not both. Generally, the latter have lower price tags. Also, consider the rugs if any in your rooms. The cheaper models are more likely to get tangled in tassels. Where carpeted floors are concerned, the surface texture should also be considered. Some carpets are rather smooth whilst others are soft and stuffy. So before committing yourself, go through the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations to find out which model best suits which surface.

  4. Do you Own Pets?

    If you have cats or dogs running around your home be rest assured that there will be pet hair scattered all over the place. If you happen to have these animals get a manufacturer’s guide on the best models to buy,for example, models that can pick  up the tiniest hair off the floor. It should be pointed out that pet hairs are more easily picked off hardwood or tiles floors than off carpeted ones.

  5. Do you Have Allergy Concerns?

    Some people do have allergies to hair or dust left floating around after cleaning. If you have concerns about this, then make sure you get a model fitted with a HEPA filter to remove any allergens left floating around. 

Know your Budget

Different models of robot vacuum cleaners have different price tags. Generally, the larger and more specialised the model, the higher the price. So factor all this into your equation before committing yourself.

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