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Yankees’ Luke Voit responds to trade rumors

No, Luke Voit isn’t Googling his name every hour.

His friends and his family? They might be a different story.

Voit said he’s heard all about how his name has been mentioned in trade rumors early in the offseason. It doesn’t bother him.

“It’s part of it,” Voit said on the YES Network’s “Hot Stove” show with Meredith Marakovits on Monday night. “Everyone’s name gets thrown around. Everyone wants to be a GM.”

The 29-year-old first baseman had a career year, even if the regular season was shortened to just 60 games due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Voit led the majors with 22 home runs. He also hit .277 with 52 RBI in a team-best 55 games.
There has been speculation that the Yankees could flip Voit for young, quality starting pitching the team desperately needs, especially if it re-signs second baseman DJ LeMahieu and shifts him to first base.
Voit, who made $573,200 this season, will get a significant raise since he’ll be eligible for salary arbitration for the first time. The Missouri native won’t be a free agent until after the 2024 season.