2020 guide to gambling in Canada

If you’re one of the many folks in the States who enjoy trips over the border into Canada to enjoy their liberal casinos and gambling laws, you’re likely one of the folks currently disappointed that they’ve all been shut down once again for another quarantine. The coronavirus outbreak has seriously affected all manners of business in every nation across the globe, and the casino business has been just as affected as any other.

After shutting down during the initial first wave of the virus, the most recent reopening of Canada’s casinos has foundered once again after the winter’s rising case numbers has forced them closed once again. While unions warn that keeping casinos closed is risky for the long term health of legitimate business, Canadian provinces are shutting them down for what looks like it might be a long-term quarantine. 

In Ontario, Toronto has been ordered to keep all “meeting and event spaces, casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments” shut down. Similar patterns are manifest all across the American-Canadian border, previously well-traversed by avid gamblers and casino-goers that are now destined to keep a healthy social distance from their favourite gambling halls for the time being. For the time being, while they are shut down, gamblers are choosing play at a mobile casino instead, keeping safe and healthy while doing so. 

Nevertheless, we thought it might help keep spirits up to take a look at SOME of the major casinos just over the border in Canada in the meanwhile. That way we hope our readers might find some inspiration to plan a trip back over the border as soon the lockdowns are eased once again, which they will likely be on the Canadian side of the border first provided current trends hold. So, without further ado, here are some of the most famous casinos worthy of a visit for your trip to Canada as soon as things open up again.

Casino Niagara

Right next to the spectacular Niagara Falls you’ll find Casino Niagara, established all the way back in 1996. Its impressive height and architectural stature strikes an amazing presence and provides breath-taking views to its visitors enjoying almost 100,000 square feet of gambling floorspace. Over a thousand slots and several dozen tables offering all manners of games are complemented by the (in)famous Yuk Yuk comedy club as well as excellent dining options. A trip to Buffalo means you’re just a short ride from the border over the Niagara River. We cannot recommend this amazing casino enough – there really are few panoramas quite as spectacular as those available from the towering heights of Casino Niagara!

River Rock Casino Resort

Way over on the other side of the continent, the American-Canadian border between Seattle and Vancouver is all that separates avid American gamblers from the River Rock Casino Resort. Flights to Seattle are not at all pricey, and the logistics of heading north to Vancouver from there are easily solved in several different ways. This makes visiting River Rock Casino Resort a popular past-time for the savvier casino-goers. Renowned for its famed poker tournaments as well as over a thousand slots on top of the regular craps, roulette, blackjack, etc., this casino has impressed since its opening in 2004. The hotel and spa side of the operation is as immersive as the gambling, all in all creating an experience that is a delightful mixture of total exhilaration and full relaxation.

Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor is ludicrously close to the American-Canadian border – right next to the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit to Windsor. This has made it a supremely popular destination for casino-goers from the American side of the border for many years stretching back to its opening in 1994. After a full renovation in the early 21st century it reopened in its current form in 2008 to much celebration and a performance from music-icon Billy Joel. The accommodation side of the casino boasts over 750 rooms and its neoclassical rooms and halls are frequently adorned with powerful musical and dancing performances. Caesar’s Windsor has long been a great casino to visit due to its delightful blend of proximity to the border, great size, abundant gambling options and terrific services such as food from the sumptuously decorated Artist’s Cafe.

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