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Advocates gather in support of parolee shot at Canandaigua motel last week; another event scheduled for Saturday

Last week reporting by the Finger Lakes Times indicated that the shooting death of a parolee at a motel in Canandaigua didn’t happen as law enforcement indicated. That reporting indicated that family members contested the way the shooting unfolded.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson said in a press conference hours after the shooting at the Woodridge Motel in Canandaigua that a parolee attempted to flee after law enforcement arrived to take them into custody.

They alleged that the individual was sought for violating parole.

UPDATE: Parolee shot three times after attempting to flee arrest at Canandaigua motel

Sheriff Henderson said that the parolee jumped into a motor vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. That’s when the parole officer tried to get the suspect to stop, but wound up on the hood of the vehicle.

Parole Officer Jeff Smith fired his weapon multiple times. Investigators say the suspect was struck three times by bullets.

In a press release, the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office identified the parolee as Supreme Hines, 27, of Canandaigua. However, a Facebook page, “Justice For Chanel Hines,” went live after the shooting – detailing a significantly different series of events.

Advocates identified a number of issues with the shooting, investigation, and treatment of Hines. Among them was the misgendering of Hines.

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Chanel Hines, who was shot multiple times in the Canandaigua incident, is a Black Trans Woman.

Advocates gathered in Rochester on Friday – saying Hines’ had no history of violence, and that since being admitted to the hospital – her family was not been given the ability to communicate with her. Two short phone calls occurred, but family and advocates say it has not been enough given the circumstances.

“Her family has since been denied access to see or speak to her outside of one supervised five minute call upon arrival to the hospital,” advocates said in a Facebook post. “Since, she has been widely misgendered in the media and is facing significant additional charges surrounding the incident without access to representation or contact with family.”

They note that she has had three emergency surgeries while fighting to survive in the hospital alone.

Advocates are demanding for Chanel’s mother to have access to see and speak with her, to be recognized as a victim and for all charges to be dropped, and for a full investigation into the officer. They are also calling for him to be terminated from his job as a parole officer, and for criminal charges to be filed against him for his role in the shooting.

Another rally is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th at 2 p.m. It will take place at the Woodridge Motel on Lakeshore Drive where the shooting took place. Organizers ask that those in attendance wear masks and bring signs, candles, and a friend.