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What will happen to toll booth workers when cashless operation begins?

While there has been a lot of discussion about the impact that cashless tolling will have on motorists – a less discussed aspect are the lost jobs.

That question was thrown at News10NBC this week, prompting them to reach out to the Thruway Authority.

Around 1,100 toll booth jobs are getting cut, News10NBC found. A majority of those jobs are part-time. There are roughly 200 full-time workers, a third of which are eligible for retirement.

“Since the announcement in January 2018, the Thruway Authority commenced with a detailed outreach program including dedicated resources to connect all impacted toll employees with future professional career opportunities and potential career paths,” the Thruway Authority said of those individuals losing their jobs later this month.

The Thruway Authority contends that cashless tolling remains on-schedule and will commence later this month.

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