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Sheriff gives update on Canandaigua shooting; family says at least one protest will happen

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office provided an update on the officer-involved shooting that happened at the Woodridge Motel on Tuesday.

According to a press release Supreme Hines, 27, of Canandaigua was on parole for a third-degree burglary conviction. Officer Jeffrey Smith, 57, of Rochester went to the motel to take Hines into custody on a violation warrant.

He had been arrested on October 29th for separate counts of petit larceny after stealing liquor from stores in the town and city of Geneva.

Sheriff Henderson offered a correction to earlier reports that there was a second person in the vehicle. He said in the press release that it wasn’t the case.

Hines remains in stable condition at Strong Memorial Hospital. The press release indicates that he will be transported to the Ontario County Jail to be held on the parole warrant.

The shooting remains under investigation, but the circumstances that led to it have been contested by Hines’ family.

Sheriff Henderson said on Tuesday that it happened around 8:15 a.m. when Hines attempted to flee parole officers. The officer who became trapped on the hood of the vehicle – according to the Sheriff’s account – was the one that fired his service weapon.

Hines was struck three times.

Sheriff Henderson also said that there were other witnesses being interviewed at the time.

UPDATE: Parolee shot three times after attempting to flee arrest at Canandaigua motel

“Trust me it’s the last thing any of us want to do is have to use deadly force, but in this case the parole officer needed to make sure he was safe. He was clinging to the roof of a motor vehicle that is accelerating at a high rate of speed so obviously he chose to use this level of force and again through out this investigation working with the district attorney’s office, we’ll deem if this was an appropriate level of force,” Henderson added.

Damita Bonnemere, the mother of Hines, spoke with the Finger Lakes Times hours after the entire incident unfolded.

“My son is not a violent offender,” Damita Bonnemere said. “Maybe they were right in trying to arrest him, but wrong to use deadly force. This is happening too often.”

Hines was airlifted by Mercy Flight from the scene of the shooting. Bullet holes could be seen in the vehicle at the scene.

“My son was a low-level, non-violent offender. He has never been convicted of violence of any kind,” she added in her conversation with the FLT.“He was literally backing away from the parole officer when he unholstered his gun and fired. The parole officer jumped onto the car.”

The incident wasn’t captured on body cameras, so there is no video evidence of the shooting.

“We are not trying to play games here. That is just how we are doing this right now,” Henderson added speaking with the FLT. “Trust me, we are doing a thorough investigation here. We are putting everything together and will consult with the DA’s office on future charges for this individual (Hines) and the discharge of a duty firearm.”

Bonnemere told the FLT that she plans to contact Rev. Al Sharpton and organize at least one protest. She was concerned that the parole officer came without a social worker – despite the fact that Hines suffered from mental health and substance use problems.