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Cayuga Lake Wine Trail honors a region favorite with a month-long celebration and promotion

The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail (CLWT) is launching a “Wine of the Month Series” campaign to showcase the different wines the region excels in. Each month, participating Cayuga Lake Wine Trail member wineries will feature a different vinifera wine ranging from Riesling to Cabernet Franc and anything in between.

In October, the participating member wineries celebrated Chardonnay and explored the different variations of oaked vs unoaked. This month, they bring Riesling up to the plate. The CLWT Website features history on why the Finger Lakes excels in Riesling, what makes it so delicious, and even has some food pairing suggestions. The website also lists the different offers and promotions you can find at the participating wineries throughout the entire month of November. Find out more about the Wine of the Month Series and participating winery offers at:

“Riesling is a personal favorite of mine, and I haven’t met one that has let me down!” Exclaims Katherine Chase, Executive Director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. “Though my tastes tend to run to the drier Rieslings, I like it on all sides of the sweetness spectrum. The fruit forward nature of it is what I love the most about it, but because of that, I hear people far too often classifying it as a sweet wine and refusing to try it. I hope this promotion will guide some folks into trying it and seeing that, yes, it IS fruit forward, but the residual sugar is low, which doesn’t give it the same sweetness factor that, say, a fruit wine would have.” Each of the participating wineries are offering their visitors a little something different, ranging from complimentary Riesling tastings to discounts off purchases.

All the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail wineries are open, safe, and remain in compliance with the various state rules and regulations. All tastings are seated, snacks are served with the tastings or flights, and additional cleaning routines have been set in place. For further information on individual winery offerings, the Wine Trail has many up-to-date resources on its website to help you plan your trip: