Online Casinos & Online Gambling: These are the trends for 2021!

It is unnecessary to re-emphasize the importance and popularity that betting and online casinos have acquired in Europe and the rest of the world. Currently, they have become a potent leisure tool for all kinds of profiles. With a wide variety of offers, which can range from traditional casino games to sports betting?

According to research, year after year, the number of online players and the volume of bets is higher in all countries of the world. And for this reason, the offer of new online casinos is increasing.

Given this situation, it is unreasonable to think that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the gaming industry, especially in online platforms. And in this sense, we want to comment on some of the new trends that are presumed for 2021. What is expected to be the final year of the consolidation of these lucrative businesses?

What is the current situation?

Despite the rarity of the year 2020, the online gambling and betting industry has continued to grow steadily, just like other years. In the end, practically, the business’s entire weight is based on online platforms, which is why they have even benefited from the impossibility of carrying out other outdoor activities.

In this sense, both live casinos and e-sports betting have grown in the number of users and bets’ volume. In the case of some European countries, sports bets carry the most weight.

It has also been very notorious, opening new betting shops in many places in Europe, especially large cities. In addition to the new online betting and online casino gaming platforms, we can say that any kind of record has been broken this year. But how is 2021 presented?

Gaming Industry Outlook and Trends for 2021

We are therefore going to analyze what are the possible changes and trends expected for next year. Some of them have been evidenced during 2020 even.

As we will see below, technological advances are the ones that will bring the most changes and new consumer trends for players.

These are some examples:

More importance of mobile versions

The mobile has established itself as the favorite tool to enjoy online casino games and e-sports betting. If a few years ago, it seemed like a clear trend, there is no debate about it today.

It is estimated that more than 60% of online players use their mobile device to enjoy this kind of leisure. The comfort and freedom that the mobile allows them is not comparable to that of a computer. Not only can you play from anywhere, but you will also not need to be connected to Wi-Fi to play and bet.

For this reason, online casinos must improve their mobile versions to offer a perfect service in them. Many online platforms already do it today, but they should not be trusted and keep improving constantly. A great way to offer a service 10 is by launching each online casino or bookmaker’s official mobile applications.

Increased demand for live or direct games

Versions such as live blackjack or “Live Roulette” instead of other versions of online blackjack and roulette are increasingly in demand by players on these platforms. While it is true that all their games are live, the feeling of being able to play with a real dealer and real elements is increasingly requested.

For this reason, casinos are trying to offer more live options. Their users can participate in the game through a video. They will see a professional dealer directing the game and a real roulette (or whatever element is).

It gives more realism to an online game and resembles a physical game in a casino.

No deposit casino bonuses available

Faced with so much supply and entry of new casino sites, each online platform experiences fierce competition to gain a foothold in the market.

Many of them have the same software providers, so the online games offer is not so different from one another. For this reason, the welcome bonus offers and promotions are a decisive factor in attracting new audiences.

Usually, the welcome bonuses have been conditioned to make a previous deposit. But with so many operators on offer, many online casinos are starting to improve their offerings and offer no deposit casino bonuses to their new players. This means that it will not be necessary to make a deposit in your account, to be able to start playing and betting on their games.

Although it may seem like a risky strategy for online casinos, the truth is that it works great to get new registrations, which will later end up making deposits.

The rise of online gaming after the pandemic

The rise of these games has expanded during the pandemic. However, players are well aware of the importance of knowledge in a concrete way through any game rules, especially that luck is a fundamental component.

After the last months that have shaken the whole planet, both socially and economically, the various confinements, more or less harsh, have led to a series of important trends that seem to have come to stay. One of these is undoubtedly developing a loyal clientele for online games that can be enjoyed sensibly through mobile devices connected to the Internet.

Today, it is normal for a person to have a smartphone or tablet with which they can connect to the network and be close to other people and interact with them. And in this context, games have become one of the most sought after diversions by the average Internet user, with the consequent adaptation of general entertainment to the new times, times in which many things are already done at a distance and through absolute connectivity with the whole world.

After the shift of many activities to the digital universe from the smallest analog world, trends such as Internet shopping and work video calls have benefited. It is not a case, then, that the recreational field, which already had many followers before, has taken advantage of this trend. As a testimony, we have the appearance of new VR casinos that have exponentially increased the customers interested in enjoying various online casino games, such as slot machines, table games or online bingo.

It is clear that to build customer loyalty, especially new ones, every type of VR casino game producer begins most simply, offering free no-deposit game bonuses so that you can get started to enjoy any game that you would find in any online casino. As another incentive for users who want to enter this dynamic is the free spins of roulette or slot machines, techniques to actively promote the game, and try to put positive game sequences on track.

New laws or changes in legislation regarding online gambling

Another aspect that will mark 2021 for the gaming industry will be the legal changes that may occur before new laws or related legislation.

During 2020, it has been rumored many times that the Government of some European countries would take measures related to the gaming industry. But it is not yet known exactly what kind of measurements they will be. And if they will be positive for the sector or harmful.

In any case, the gaming industry is more alive than ever globally, and it seems that it still has years of room to continue growing. Have you ever participated in online gambling?


The rise of online casino games has expanded during the pandemic. However, players are well aware of the importance of knowledge in a concrete way, the rules of any game and especially the fact that luck is a fundamental component. The great message of any producer of these games is that of a sustainable game. It can continue to be popular with a gradual rise. However, it is clear that we are talking about an upward trend and that there will be much to talk about shortly and in the more distant future.