RACE IN THE 24TH: A conversation with Dana Balter ahead of Election Day (read & listen)

Dana Balter, the Democratic Party challenger for NY-24 believes that “the stakes get higher with every passing week” as this year’s Election Day keeps creaking closer.  In her 2018 rematch against Rep. John Katko [R-NY], she is confident that voter turnout won’t be suppressed in the district because of the pandemic.  “Our sense of the mood on the ground is that there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm for this election,” Balter exclusively told FingerLakes1.com as a part of the Race for Congress: 2020 candidate series.  Balter believes that she’s “expecting to see record numbers in our district this fall” and feels that despite “a lot of confusion,” the electoral process will stay intact, saying Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive orders enhanced the ability for New Yorkers to vote in 2020.