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HABs tracking season on Seneca Lake comes to an end

The HABs monitoring season has come to an end on Seneca Lake and fewer blooms were reported.

It’s good news for lake watchers, who have seen Harmful Algal Blooms, or HABs dominate environmental news in recent years.

“Our volunteers have completed their season, but many will continue to monitor the lake into late October,” said Bill Roege, SLPWA HABs director.

The final week saw blooms in the northeast part of the lake. While the season does officially end — there are a few monitors who will continue to watch. Most leave for the winter months.

“I still believe we had good coverage this year and the absence of blooms is a real phenomenon. We will be looking over the data in the off-season to see if we can figure out why,” Roege added to the Finger Lakes Times.

In all there were only 15 confirmed blooms found this year. Four days had a single HAB report. While two days had two reported. One day this year, which turned out to be the most-active, had seven spotted.

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