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9 different types of chains – Your guide to choosing the right chain necklace

  1. Cable chain necklace

This is also known as the trace chain and is a classic chain style. The links are interconnected to each other both vertically and horizontally. The style is most popular because of how simple it is making it versatile and wearable with virtually everything. The trace chain necklace is among the highest selling on because people are drawn to its simplicity and classic look.

  1. Twisted curb chain necklaces

This style of necklace is mostly crafted out of silver. This is because the twisted round links capture and reflect light better and the best metal to showcase this is silver. It is also a classic necklace look that is carried on specifically for customers shopping for silver chains for women.

  1. Cuban link chain necklaces

This is a variation of the cable chain but the round or oval links are usually twisted and with a diamond cut, making them flow nicely and seamlessly into each other. This style is probably the most popular of the chains because of the celebrity influence who tend to prefer this style more. Chain stocks a lot of this style because it sells more and never disappoints the customer.

  1. Infinity chain necklaces

This is a unique style that is not so common for necklaces and is a good style to set yourself apart with. It is quite light in weight because the infinity links a typically smaller than the other links making for an all occasions’ necklace for women. The infinity chain necklaces make for excellent charm necklaces for the lightness and also the symbolism of forever bondage with the infinity sign.

  1. Snake chain necklaces

This is a sophisticated style consisting of either hammered down ‘S’ shapes for the serpentine chain, flat triangular links for the cobra chain or smooth circular links for the classic snake look. Majority of silver chains for women adopt this style for how elegant and sophisticated it is reminiscent of a snake’s skin.

  1. Ball chain necklaces

Instead of links for the chain, this style consists of balls linked together to create the chain. There are both solid and hollow ball chains depending on how much weight that one wishes for on their necklace. Additionally, the balls can either be connected with rods on intervals or balls linked directly to each other.

  1. Figaro link chain charm bracelets

The name is derived from an Italian opera and this style is just as unique as the name suggests. It is a little similar with the Cuban link chain in that the circles or ovals are twisted and in diamond cuts. However, between every one to five links, there is a longer twisted oval connecting to the rest of the links giving it a very classy and elevated look.

  1. Boston chain necklaces

Consisting of brazed and simple chains of uniform series of rectangular links seamlessly and beautifully merged into each other. This style of chain necklaces is ideal for formal wear because it gives the appearance of well thought and put together. There are numerous necklaces on in the Boston style because it fits all.

  1. Omega chain necklaces

Because of the surface area exposed by the wide round rings or plates put together to create this chain style, this style is mostly found on style is also quite strong because the rings or plates are usually encased on an underlying wire

There may be many styles of chains but this should not be a cause for intimidation. With the incredible customer support that offers, they should be able to match your personal style to an ideal chain necklace, silver chains for women, and much more.

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