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Onanda Park transferred to town of Canandaigua

Legislation sponsored by Senator Pam Helming and Assemblyman Brian Kolb to transfer ownership of Onanda Park to the Town of Canandaigua has been signed into law by Governor Cuomo.

The law provides for the transfer of the lakeside portion of Onanda Park from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to the Town of Canandaigua.

“Onanda Park is a true gem in the Canandaigua community,” said Senator Helming. “This will ensure that Onanda continues to be operated as a public park benefitting local residents and families for generations to come. I am proud to have worked with the Town of Canandaigua to sponsor this legislation and ensure the preservation of this vital community resource. My thanks to Supervisor Cathy Menikotz, Town Manager Doug Finch, retired Parks and Recreation Director Dennis Brewer, members of the Town Board, and members and volunteers of the Town’s Park and Recreation Committee for their hard work in seeing this initiative through, and for their tremendous stewardship of Onanda Park.”

“It is my pleasure to sponsor this legislation protecting Onanda Park,” said Assemblyman Brian Kolb. “As my final legislative approval, from my 20 year service to the people of the State of New York and Ontario County, I consider it an honor to have been part of the process to turn the park over to the residents of the Town of Canandaigua and the greater Canandaigua community.”

The Department of Environmental Conservation has leased the lakeside portion of Onanda Park to the Town of Canandaigua as part of a long-term lease. For the past 30 years, the Town of Canandaigua has maintained the land as a public park and invested significantly in building, infrastructure and amenity improvements. The town already owns the upland portion of the park.

“Onanda is cherished by so many people for its beauty. To be able to say the Town of Canandaigua will now have full ownership of the property is an honor,” said Canandaigua Town Supervisor Cathy Menikotz. “The transfer of the property was borne of a lofty idea by our Town Manager, Doug Finch who then set out to make it happen. This idea quickly blossomed into a real possibility with the hard work and support of Senator Pam Helming, Assemblyman Brian Kolb and the members of our Town Board. I would like to thank everyone involved who had a hand in making this dream a reality. I have no doubt that this Town will continue to be responsible and dedicated stewards of this outstanding natural resource.”

The law takes effect immediately and the Town of Canandaigua will soon begin the process of working with the Department of Environmental Conservation on the title transfer.