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Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua holds its annual meeting, awards honors

The Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua held its annual meeting in September, honoring award winners, milestone anniversaries and inducting new board members. The event was held at the American Legion in Canandaigua, home base for the club’s weekly meetings.

The event marked a change in Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua’s leadership. Heidi King was named Past President, 2020-21, and was honored for her success in leading the club through a prosperous year, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was also honored for the leadership she showed for the club’s golf tournament, “Chipping in for Kids.”

Lou Loy was installed as the 2020-21 Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua President.

“This was a year nobody expected,” said Loy. “I admire the decisions Heidi made and am so impressed with her leadership. We’re all volunteers, and we’re all in this together.”

At this year’s event, Christen Smith was named 2019-20 Kiwanian of the Year, while Judy Corino was named 2019-20 New Kiwanian of the Year.

Along with President Loy, a new slate of officers were installed for the 2020-21 year including President Elect Elisha Everson, Past President Heidi King, Treasurer Kim Bagley and Secretary Pam Metting. Four Kiwanians were elected as members of the Board including Alex Farnsworth (three year term), Kim Sandic (three year term), Chet Starowitz (three year term) and Christen Smith (1 year term).

Current Board Members were also recognized (2018-2021): Philip Alamond and Cyndi Fordham, and those serving 2019-2022: Fran Lupiani, Don Muller and Jodee Case Rizzo.

Outgoing Board Members (2017-2020) were thanked for their service. They included Nanci Bentley, Mark Brown, Steve Fantuzzo and Jim Hough.

Kiwanis New York District Governor Joseph Ruggiero and First Lady Debbie Rought were presented a check on behalf of the Finger Lakes Division for $500 towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Other highlights of the night included those awarded for perfect attendance: 1 year: Christen Smith; 2 years: Kim Bagley, Elisha Everson, Marianne Gallagher, Heidi King, Lou Loy and Pam Metting; 4 years: Kat Purbeck; 13 years: Phil Alamond; 14 years: Deb Rought; 22 years: Trish Hook; 31 years: Pat Cooney and 32 years: Don Muller.

Legion of Merit awards were awarded to those members who had completed 5, 10, 15 and 20 years as members of Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua. This year’s honorees include: 5 years: Nanci Bentley, Chris Harvey, Chet Starowitz; 10 years: Dave Metting and Pam Metting; 15 years: Marie Blair; and 20 years: Bill Fuge and Kim Snyder.

Special Legion of Honor pins and certificates were given to Marcella Burkhard, Trish Hook and Paul Snipes for 25 years of Kiwanis membership. Trish Hook and Paul Snipes were also honored as past presidents of the club.

The Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua meets weekly at the American Legion in Canandaigua – all are welcome to join or be a meeting guest. “Serving the Children of the World,” Kiwanis is a service organization of over 800,000 individuals with one single purpose, to serve our communities. For more information, visit