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$14M capital project on the ballot this December in Marion Central School District

Officials say a ‘conservative’ approach to budgeting over recent years has made it possible for the Marion Central School District to continue forward with a $14 million capital project.

Voters will decide on the spend in a December 8th election.

In a press release, officials said the capital project addresses a variety of needs to enahance the educational experience for students while contributing to the safety, accessibility, and longevity of the District’s facilities without placing an additional burden on local taxpayers.

The project, which was approved by the Board of Education this week includes upgrades to Marion Elementary School, Marion Junior-Senior High School and the District’s bus garage and fueling station.

They say approximately 87 percent of the project will be covered by state aid with the remainder paid out of the district’s capital reserve fund.

“We understand that these are challenging economic times, but the District’s conservative budgeting approach has put us in a position to begin this project now with no additional cost to the local taxpayer,” Marion Superintendent of Schools Don Bavis said. “In reviewing the scope of our proposed capital work, you will see that we remain consistent in prioritizing maintenance, repair, efficiencies and handicapped accessibility over some grand architectural design.”

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Highlights of the project include roof and elevator replacements and restroom renovations at Marion Elementary School, resurfacing the track and replacing the scoreboard at the Junior-Senior High School and replacing the roof and fueling system at the bus garage.

Improvements to the District’s fitness center and tennis courts will be listed as alternate items on the ballot.