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Cuomo again blames infected staff, visitors for nursing home death toll amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked about nursing home policies during the early-days of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and pushed back against the idea that they led to lost lives in those facilities.

Finger Lakes News Radio probed the Governor during a conference call, which prompted an 8-minute response.

“That’s not why they lost a loved one. The premise of your question is just factually wrong,” Cuomo said. “People who were lost in nursing homes were lost because that’s where the virus preys.”

The Governor noted the density of immunocompromised people inside nursing homes is ultimately what caused the loss of so many lives. He also echoed a state Department of Health report, which pushed blame onto infected staff and visitors.

Altogether, the state has reported over 6,600 COVID-19 deaths inside nursing homes.

Click here to listen to Cuomo’s full-response on the nursing home question from Finger Lakes News Radio.