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Quiet week for HABs on Seneca Lake despite dry conditions

After another week of bloom watching on Seneca Lake only one was reported, according to Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association.

In their Week 7 report, just a single bloom was spotted near Glenora Point.

“Most of the week saw windy conditions, which are not conducive to blooms,” the report said. “The weekend was conducive, but no blooms were spotted.”

It’s an unusual set of circumstances, they noted in their update. This is typically a busy time of year for bloom watchers, who check up on potential harmful algal blooms. “Other local Finger Lakes are seeing blooms, yet Seneca alone is very sparce. As the nutrient sampling, weather, and water data comes in, we will try and make some sense about it,” the report added. “That said, we experienced blooms into the third week of October last year, so there is still plenty of time. We will be watching the water temperature as the blooms theoretically are very unlikely below 15 degrees Celsius (60° F).”

They also noted the low water levels in their most-recent report, which has been caused by a prolonged period of no rain.