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Have you received a stimulus check? 8.7M need to apply via IRS or risk losing out

Millions of Americans are about to lose the $1,200 stimulus they are entitled to receive, according to new reporting from the Government Accountability Office.

This week they released a massive, 371-page report, which calls out the Treasury Department and IRS for not updating eligible recipients.

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Altogether the 8.7 million unclaimed checks account for $10 billion.

Congress has been stuck in a stalemate over a second stimulus check, and it’s not clear now if another round of payments will be made to the American population before Election Day.

Since April, 5.3 million people out of 14 million at the time who were eligible went to the IRS website and submitted their information.

However, there’s still 8.7 million who have not. The GAO called out federal officials for not doing enough to keep rolls active.

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“Without an updated estimate, the Treasury, the IRS, other federal agencies and IRS’ outreach partners are limited in their ability to appropriately scale and target outreach and communication efforts to individuals who may be eligible for a payment,” they said in a statement.

They also note that the people who have not received the funding yet are likely the poorest of all Americans in need of the funding.

Click here to submit your information if you have not received a check yet, or don’t know about your specific eligibility.


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