4 things you should prepare before going to your first golf game

Are you going to participate in your first golf game? If so, you need to consider some things before you step inside the golf course. Continue reading to know the four things you need to prepare as you join your first golf game.

1. Golf Clubs

For golf beginners, a good set of clubs can be essential. After all, you can’t properly play golf without the right set of golf clubs. With that said, what are the clubs you need to prepare for your first golf game?

Here are some factors you need to consider when shopping for your first set of golf clubs:

Length: This refers to the height of the golf club shaft and the height of the golfer. Choose a club length that’s versatile to fit different swings.

Loft: This refers to the club face’s angle that controls the distance and trajectory. High- loft golf clubs tend to provide less spin, making the ball stop almost immediately upon landing.

Head: This points to the weight of the club head. Note that heavy heads tend to directly impact the golfer’s swing speed. Also, consider purchasing a golf glove when you buy your first set of clubs. As per cherrywoodgolfclub.com, golf gloves provide additional control, dexterity, and domination of the club. It also provides a better grip, which might be essential for golfers with sweaty hands.

2. Read The Rules

Note that there’s no time like the present to get yourself familiarized with the rules and regulations of golf. Otherwise, you might make a fool out of yourself if you break some rules that you didn’t know existed. Keep in mind that one of the rules of golf is the way you should play your strokes. There are three strokes to remember: the hook, fade, and draw. A hook refers to the shot that begins with the golfer's right foot pointing to the right and ends with the golfer’s left foot pointing to the left. As for the fade, it starts from the right foot and ends with the left foot. On the other hand, the draw is quite the popular striking form since it allows a player to get off the ground before starting the golf swing. This technique allows the player to take a shot with a relatively above-average lift.

Also, the diligence of reading the rules before you play golf allows you to develop discipline before, during, and after the activity. For example, you should gain extra diligence in keeping yourself informed about the reopening of golf courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Failure to know if a golf course is open might make you waste time by going to that location, only to find out that they’re not operating temporarily.

3. Sunscreen

Keep in mind that you're going to be walking under the sun for a few hours. Hence, you must wear sunscreen before you head to the golf course. Also, it shouldn’t hurt for you to bring extra sunscreen while you're on the course for that added sun protection when necessary. Still, it doesn’t mean you should apply any sunscreen on your skin. It needs ingredients that
would help your skin breathe, while protecting your skin against harmful UV rays. But, you can also reap other benefits from using this skincare product because it helps protect your skin from free radicals that can damage the skin, as well as cause wrinkles, sagging, and other aging symptoms.

4. Your Mindset

It can be frustrating to see your score go over the recommended number of shots in a particular hole. For example, you’re about to get a bogey on a par 3 hole. But, always remember that you’re playing golf to have fun. Like life, you can brush off the mishap and continue moving forward. You can still recover from that blunder by trying your best on the succeeding holes. But, what if you’re already at the 18 th hole? Remember, it’s going to be a learning experience. Hence, you can learn from what transpired and aim to correct those mistakes the next time you step on the golf course.

It’s also crucial for you to have this mindset from the beginning. Become too competitive, and you might feel like that playing golf will become a chore. Remember, you took this sport because you may have a deep interest in it. If you think of it as nothing but a task, you’re not going to have fun on the course.


Consider the things listed above as you prepare for your first golf game. Hence, don’t forget to bring your golf clubs, wear comfortable clothes, and put on sunscreen. Also, remember to read and familiarize the rules. You don’t want to commit mistakes in the course because you didn’t read the terms and conditions properly.