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Saturday tours at Deer Haven Park at former depot will continue into mid-November

Deer Haven Park is staying open through the Columbus Day weekend, according to a press release announcing the change on Thursday.

The park announced an extension of the season for self-guided auto tours every Saturday through November 14th.

“The additional five weeks will allow visitors to take the Majest & Mystery Auto Tour throughout the 2020 fall foliage season,” Deer Haven said in a press release. “Since deer and other wildlife are generally more active during the cooler months of fall, the extended season will increase visitors’ chances of seeing the Majestic Seneca White Deer.”

Tours begin at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and continue until dusk. Cost is %25 per vehicle.

Management says that for safety and liability reasons all visitors are required to remain in their vehicles at all times while on the tour. “Deer Haven Park is not a zoo and we do not cage or otherwise restrict any of the wildlife within the 3,000-acre park. Therefore, we cannot predict where the white deer and other wildlife will be, nor can we guarantee or promise you will see white deer on every visit,” the press release concluded.