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Take your betting knowledge with you to the races

Nothing beats the experience of attending the races, with the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and live bet on horses – you should use this betting calculator. And, to make the most of the day and increase your chances of coming home a winner, you should always go prepared.

Here’s how to take your betting knowledge with you to the races:

Do your homework

A little research before your day at the races can pay dividends when it comes to raising your chance of backing a winner. Checking out the form guide is an invaluable place to start. The racing guide will give you the inside knowledge on the recent performance (or form) of the racehorses in each race and help you to make more of an informed decision as to who you want to back.

Don’t just bet on the favourite

With so many variable factors on the day, horse racing is unpredictable and even the odds-on favourite can fall at the final hurdle. In fact, the favourite only romps home the winner in around 30% of races, so if you only ever back the favourite or the shortest odds, you could well end out of pocket. Instead of following the crowd, use your betting knowledge to get more value out of your stake money. Look for the higher odds horse that could realistically place or even cause a finishing line upset, and so potentially bring you a better return.

Check out the ground

The beauty of being at the races is that you can see for yourself the course environment before the off, meaning you can make strategic bets based on the conditions of the ground. Different horses run better on different grounds so checking out the ground can help you to make your final wager decision. Drier courses suit lighter, finer horses, while softer turf can boost the grip and sprinting power of horses that hit the ground hard.

Know your jockeys and trainers

A prior track record should not just be reserved for the racehorse, as checking out the trainers and jockeys will help you to fill in the gaps on whether to back a certain equine.

Certain trainers will have had better results at a particular track and will most likely field numerous horses into a race as they know how to run it. The reverse applies to a trainer who has had a poor return at the race meet. The same goes for jockeys, so knowledge of successful trainers and jockey combinations could give you the betting edge.

Spend time in the paddock

After all your research, planning and checking on the day, your final task is to spend a little time in the paddock prior to the race. All the runners are paraded in the paddock shortly before the starter’s orders and it’s a good way to check out the horses in real time to see if your chosen one is on the ball. A calm, relaxed horse in shiny condition is more likely to perform than an anxious, stressed and sweaty animal that’s burning off its energy before the race has started.

So, now that you are happy with your choice and you have placed an informed wager using your betting knowledge that could make you proud, it’s time to settle back in the stands and hopefully watch that winner romp home!

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