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Ontario County Sheriff’s Office will implement body cameras in 2021

Since taking office last year Sheriff Kevin Henderson has been exploring the implementation of a Body-Worn Camera (BWC) system within his department.

Since that time, Sheriff Henderson has continued pursuing the program recognizing the benefits to the community.

With full support of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors funding was approved to enter into a contract with Axon Enterprise Inc. to provide the cameras, during the September 10th board meeting. He says having body cameras is a significant step forward for the County.

Body Worn Camera’s will be issued to the road patrol deputies, patrol supervisors and administrators.

Sheriff Henderson views Body-Worn Cameras as a way to build the trust and relationships the Sheriff’s Office has with residents. “We know that the public has called for more law enforcement agencies to wear body cameras and the overall goal of the BWC program is to enhance community trust by documenting law enforcement encounters with the public and promoting transparency. It will also enhance officer safety, aid in more effective prosecutions and improve the investigation of citizen complaints as well as protect against false allegations of misconduct,” he said in a statement.

Sheriff Henderson’s goal is to implement the BWC program by January 1st, 2021.

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