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After horror stories at Oneonta, new SUNY position will watch how colleges handle quarantine, COVID reposnse

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras says the state’s university system is going to hire for a new position, which will report back to Albany on conditions at colleges around the state.

This as stories surface around college campuses about quarantine dorms, parites, and other connected issues to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“They’re going to hear from the students, help students,” Malatras explained. “Hear the good things and the bad things so we can develop policies to help students, so I’m really excited about that position.”

Countless reports have now surfaced of colleges like University at Buffalo and SUNY Oneonta claiming students received moldy food during the school’s lockdown, or were only delivered two bottles of filtered water in their quarantine dorms.

“A plan is only as good as the implementation of a plan,” Malatras said. “And many of the plans passed muster. They had isolation facilities, they had the testing protocols, they had the food service delivery, they had all the things you have to be mindful of. But if you can’t implement the plan, of if things go sideways it doesn’t really matter what’s on the paper. What we’re going to be aggressive on is getting ahead of those issues right away.”