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Legends believe these Bills will return to the winning ways of the 90s

This season marks Bills head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane’s fourth year together in Buffalo. Since they arrived in 2017, the two have established a strong culture that reflects their core values. While building the culture, the pair felt it was important to look to the past to learn from a championship culture in Buffalo that was created long before they arrived.

“We all had a meeting with him when he (Sean McDermott) first got the job,” former Bills wide receiver from 1985 to 1999 Andre Reed said. “He actually called us in and flew us in, me, Bruce [Smith], Thurman [Thomas], Jim [Kelly], Darryl [Talley], Cornelius [Bennett], Steve Tasker. He just wanted to see where our mindset was and how we became the team that we became through interaction with each other and through a lot of things. He picked our minds about a lot of things. One thing he wanted to do in Buffalo was change the culture of the organization. I think he has done that, not only through the draft, but just getting the players that they need.”

After making that initial connection and hearing how the Super Bowl teams worked toward success, the bond between the current team and past teams grew. Former players quickly realized McDermott could be the coach to help take Buffalo back to greatness. Some even see similarities between McDermott and a former Bills head coach.

“I still attribute everything to Coach Levy and the way he ran things almost like Coach McDermott now,” former Bills linebacker from 1987 to 1995 Cornelius Bennett said. “You have Beane there, the general manager, but the soul of the team really goes through the head coach.