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SUNY officials shut down Oneonta after massive spike in cases; students moving out this weekend

In a matter of days the number of confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus at SUNY Oneonta ballooned.

In less than two weeks, more than 500 cases had been identified.

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras announced that the college campus would be shutting down, and students would be going home.

“A party of just a few dozen students resulted in nearly 389 cases that we know of today,” Malatras explained. “It could be more.”

It was more.

“This goes to show that a small minority, just a few people can ruin it for everyone else,” Malatras added. “And that’s unfortunate.”

Remote classes were not going to be held on Friday – to give students a chance to move out of their dorms. SUNY Oneonta will be working with the Health Department on a transitional plan, but students who have tested negative for COVID-19 can start the process of moving out.

Chris Frommeyer, who is a senior at SUNY Oneonta, says he has been concerned with the lack of communication coming from the school throughout this entire process. He spoke with Spectrum News, outlining some of those concerns on Thursday.

“Honestly I’m disappointed because like I said, I’m a senior I don’t have a lot of time left and I just hope that we do go back next semester,” Frommeyer explained.

A decision on the spring semester is not anticipated in the short-term.