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Scammers posing as contact tracers target seniors, flood victims with junk calls and texts

Contact tracers are tasked with reaching out to people who may have had contact with someone who has the Novel Coronavirus.

But, there are a couple major problems.

First are scammers. The caller will say you’ve been exposed and that they need payment for a test kit. They add that if you don’t buy one, you’ll be in violation, which isn’t true. The scammer could also send a text message with a link – requesting that you click on it, or complete payment that way.

Melanie McGovern of the Better Business Bureau says scammers like these find opportunity where they can.

These scams are being seen everywhere, but typically are targeted at seniors.

“They’re trying to get information any way they can to try to steal your identity or your bank account information,” added McGovern.

Beyond the normal pitfalls of scam calls related to Coronavirus contact tracing or testing – these new ones are mixed in a sea of telemarketing calls.

Many have reported a sharp increase in ‘junk calls’ over the last several months.