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BACK TO SCHOOL: Clingerman, Jones discuss return to learning this fall in Seneca Falls (podcast)

Editor’s Note: Over the next two weeks will be going one-on-one with district leaders from around the region. Auburn, Canandaigua, Victor, and many others will be included in an ongoing dialogue about reopening schools. Click here if you’d like to see past episodes and additional districts.

Days from now students, faculty, and support staff head back to school for the first time since mid-March, when the Coronavirus Pandemic forced shut down of all facilities. Throughout the summer districts have been working on plans to make educating students effective, while simultaneously dealing with the health and safety implications of the Novel Coronavirus.

Doug Jones is a teacher in the Seneca Falls Central School District and leads the teacher association there. Faculty have a number of concerns and a range of views on reopening, but Superintendent Jeramy Clingerman has taken an active approach in hearing them.

But there is uncertainty. Will back to school go off without a hitch? In Seneca Falls approximately 70% of students will return to in-person learning, and both Jones and Clingerman agreed that faculty and staff are anxious about the new year.

Today on The Debrief, a conversation with Clingerman and Jones about the process Seneca Falls went through to plan reopening.



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