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How to keep visitors on your website longer

The amount of time someone spends on your website indicates whether they like it. If a lot of visitors quickly abandon your site and don’t spend much time, there’s something wrong. That increases your bounce rate, which can reduce conversions. A high bounce rate also means your site is less likely to rank in search engines. Luckily, there are ways of encouraging visitors to stay long enough to see your offerings.

Try Video Transcription

By improving your visitors’ experience, you can encourage them to spend more time on your website. It can decrease your bounce rate since visitors will get what they want, like a transcription of your video. By adding subtitles to your videos, you can encourage visitors to watch to the end. They’ll stay on your website longer, and that also increases their chances of engaging with your advertisements or other materials. It can take a while for videos to load, and that can consume a lot of cellular data compared to text. If your page speed is slow, your bounce rate can increase. But if you have a video transcript, a visitor can still engage even if the load time isn’t optimized. Using a transcription service to convert mp3 to text only takes seconds and it’ll save you from having to spend hours doing it yourself. It’s the perfect tool for becoming more productive.

Break Up Long Text

You have probably viewed a website that is hard to read. No matter what device someone is using, make sure your pages can be easily read. Increase the font size and break up paragraphs into smaller chunks. Add headings, bulleted lists, and several sections for each article. Good photographs are another way of breaking up pages. Images naturally draw the eye, which is why they’re one of the most engaging types of content. That’s why so many sites use full-size background images for landing pages. You don’t have to take the photos yourself – you can find beautiful pictures from paid stock photo companies. It’s also possible to find royalty-free images if you’re looking to keep your budget down.

Make sure you optimize images before posting them. If it’s a high-quality photo, it’s likely hi-resolution as well. The file size is larger and having too many will reduce the loading speed. Choose a free editing tool to resize photos. While making pages more user-friendly is a good goal, avoid adding too many elements. Otherwise, people will have to constantly scroll to view your page, and that can frustrate some users.

Target Exiting Visitors

Even if you have an amazing site, people will leave eventually. But their visit shouldn’t end there. You can still encourage them to become customers or subscribe to your email list. Some programs will target users who are about to leave. You might offer them a discount on a product, look at a cool feature on your site, or ask them to sign up for your email list. By targeting these visitors, you can increase the chances that they will come back.

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