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Federal government approves New York to give extra $300 to unemployed workers

The federal government has approved New York’s application to offer an extra $300 per week to unemployed workers. This will come on top of the typical unemployment insurance benefit issued by the state.

FEMA will provide the funding through the Lost Wages Assistance program, which was created through a number of executive orders signed by President Donald Trump.

The payments will be made retroactive to August 1st. However, there isn’t a specific timeline for when the payments will begin going out.

The federal government eliminated the 25% match on the benefit, which prompted New York to apply.

“As Governor Cuomo has said, politics does not impact policy — especially during a pandemic — and if New Yorkers are in need, this administration will do everything we can to support them,” Budget Director Robert Mujica said. “But make no mistake, this does not absolve Washington from doing its job, and they must pass a comprehensive aid package that provides a stable extension of unemployment benefits, repeals the SALT cap and supports local and state governments. Anything else would simply be unacceptable.”

There are still more than 1.5 million New Yorkers out of work as of July.

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