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DAILY DEBRIEF: Greater ROC initiative aims to give branding boost to counties in Finger Lakes (podcast)

Economic development in New York State is complicated. There are things called Industrial Development Agencies involved who work to entice prospective and existing businesses to build or expand. There are usually tax incentives, which are complicated and receive a lot of public scrutiny. But the most fundamental responsibility of an IDA is to sell the community they represent. Effectively saying, “Our community is a good place for YOU to do business.”

But years of economic development initiatives across different counties, and parts of the Finger Lakes region have created a disjointed approach. While New York State has its definitions of what the Finger Lakes is, a new initiative is leaning in-to the Greater Rochester namesake that existed before the Finger Lakes region included the Rochester-metro.

Today on The Daily Debrief we caught up with Joe Stefko, who leads the Greater ROC and ROC2025 initiatives.