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Employees at Tim Horton’s in Canandaigua test positive for COVID-19; location temporarily closes

Public health officials in Ontario County are warning residents about a small cluster of Coronavirus cases at the Tim Horton’s on North Road.

That location, in Canandaigua, has seen three positive COVID-19 cases. All of the positive cases were employees, and those who came into contact with the infected workers are undergoing a 14-day quarantine.

“Because of Tim Horton’s excellent COVID-19 protection policies, this small cluster has been identified and easily managed through isolation, quarantine and deep cleaning,” Ontario County Public Health Director Mary Beer said in a statement. “I cannot stress the importance of masking for both the general community and our local stores and service industries. Tim Horton’s adherence to COVID-19 prevention practices may have saved lives in our community.”

The department noted that Tim Horton’s had gone above and beyond in cleaning efforts.

The location is currently closed.