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Cuomo defends gym closures, makes it clear they won’t be reopening anytime soon

Governor Andrew Cuomo defended his decision on Thursday to keep gyms in New York closed amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The decision has drawn criticism from gym owners and members alike. Some have even filed a class action lawsuit, while others have submitted a plan they say would allow them to safely reopen.

Yet Cuomo says the data he and other state officials have seen indicates a high risk of coronavirus spread.

“We have some data here. We have experience here. We know gyms are highly problematic,” Cuomo said during a conference call Thursday. “Not from our experience, because we haven’t opened them. But we know from the other states they’ve been highly problematic. We know from the other states. They opened them and they had to close them. That’s a fact.”

He elaborated on that decision.

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“I want to go to my gym. I understand. I understand,” he said. “But we also know that is a dangerous activity. And we’re here, poised delicately on this island of New York state with the sea of spread all around us. So we know we have this storm of spread all around us. And we have to be very very careful, right? We know that it’s almost defies common sense that we could be maintaining our low numbers in the midst of what’s going on. You have New Jersey going on. You have Rhode Island going up. You have Connecticut going up. It is all around, literally all around us. The question is: Why isn’t it here?”

New Jersey has kept gyms closed, using the same rationale as New York.