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Dairy farmers gaining back some ground as pandemic shifts consumer habits

The dairy business has been a true struggle for farmers in New York State.

Especially over the last several months.

Mike McMahon, owner of E-Z Acres Dairy Farm, it’s been a challenge over the last few years, even before the pandemic hit.

“Yeah it has been a struggle for us. The last five years has been a struggle,” McMahon told “We saw the price of milk in May the same as it was 22 years ago You can’t do that forever.”

Dairy farmers are bouncing back though thanks to an increased demand for milk and milk products as people do more cooking at home.

“We’re seeing an increase in consumption in consumption of whole milk and cheese and ice cream and yes we are seeing an increase in demand,” he added.

It’s a boost at the right time, and one that McMahon hopes sticks around for a long time.

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