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Cayuga County health officials say enforcement of mandate violators has started; new cases connected to sports, traveling

Officials in Cayuga County say they are seeing an uptick in cases compared to previous weeks, as new coronavirus infections continue to be reported.

“We are seeing an uptick in cases compared to previous weeks,” officials said in a press release. “We have received six new cases in the past three days, each of which has multiple contacts. Over the past few weeks our confirmed cases have involved travelers who have returned to Cayuga County, adolescents who have participated in sporting events, and individuals who have attended social gatherings.”

Officials say it’s a reminder that getting complacent is a bad idea amid the pandemic. “Activities we participate in during our free time and on weekends impacts our home life and our work life now more than ever,” they added.

They are strong encouraging the public to practice social distancing by staying six feet apart from others when they are indoors or outdoors. They are also encouraging the use of face coverings. “The more gatherings we attend, the more times we frequent stores, the more activities our children participate in, all presents an increased risk of exposure,” the press release continued.

“Business owners and operators are required to uphold [state] regulations or deny admittance to the business,” they added. “Enforcement action against violators has begun.”