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Why to Eat in Restaurants on the Waterfront

Lord Neaves once said that “pure water is the best of gifts that man to man can bring.” Since then, scientists, doctors, and psychologists have variously commented on the emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits of water. Being near oceans, sea, river, and lakes brings people peace and wellness. It has also been scientifically proven that living by coasts leads to an improved sense of physical health and psychological comfort. Contact with water induces a meditative state that makes people healthier, calmer, happier, and more creative. As most human communities are built near water, it is easy for people to experience the emotional benefits of water. But even those of people who do not have direct access to water can still feel its benign effects. Just by taking shower or looking at the picture with a sea or a fountain, people can feel calmer and more relaxed.

Business owners have also noticed water’s salubrious effect on people. They have long concluded that in order to rejuvenate their tired bodies, people need to be near falls or lakes, or seas. Knowing that the mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals and increase blood flow to the brain and heart, they have tried to locate their services in the vicinity of water. Restaurant businesses gain in particular if they operate on the waterfront. When they see water or hear its sound, people feel more inclined to sit longer at a dining table and order more food and drinks. Water makes people enjoy food with more relish.

Every country, therefore, contains large constellations of restaurants and café shops on the waterfront. There are numerous eateries in the Lake District in the United Kingdom whose choice of dishes has long been dictated by England’s seafaring trade with distant lands of Americas, Caribbean, and India. Canada also boasts many restaurants that overlook lakes, falls, and glaciers. In America, the Finger Lakes region, containing eleven long lakes, is not poor in restaurants and cafes either. There are dozens of various restaurants peppering the arear surrounding the lakes. Here, visitors can acquire an experience of fine dining, sitting ensconced in the restaurant’s patio furniture and sipping the choicest wine of the New York Wine & Culinary Center or of Glenora Wine Cellars. Those who prefer more casual meals can stop at Atlas Bowl or Crystal Lake Café at Americana Vineyards, or at other numerous café shops open in the Finger Lakes. Visitors will not only taste here delicious meals but will also feast their eyes on the shimmering calming waters of Canandaigua Lake or Taughannock Falls.

Moving to Keuka Lake, at the heart of Finger Lakes, people can stop at the Waterfront Restaurant and taste the best wines of the Finger Lakes region as well as local microbrews. Although this restaurant is relatively small, it is located so close to the lake that people can distinctly hear the sound of the water touching its dock, especially if they choose to dine outsider rather than inside by the firepit. Sitting on the dock at light round tables under colorful umbrellas, visitors can relish the restaurant’s special dishes such as the Waterfront Caesar Salad with shrimps or the Waterford Burger that contains Black Angus, sautéed mushrooms, and melted cheese. There is also the chef’s special, Chicken Waterfront, pan seared with artichokes, mushrooms, and white wine. After their dinner, visitors can enjoy Keuka Lake’s Original Clammin’ and Jammin’ out on the restaurant’s docks or just sit there listening to live music and fresh steamed clams.

Those people who want to bath at mineral springs rather than swim in the Finger Lakes travel to Clifton Springs popular since 1800s because of the curative properties of its natural sulfur springs. Since the early 19th century, drinking or bathing in the rich mineral waters has been believed to cure various diseases. These days, patients are treated with mineral waters in the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, whose entire wing is devoted to these medical procedures.

At dinner time, visitors can go to Warfields Restaurant, Lounge, and Bakery, famous among tourists and local people for its stylish interior design and delicious meals. Indeed, first what catches visitors’ attention when they enter the restaurant is its brick and oak walls and ornate tin ceilings. The décor of the restaurant’s banquet room is equally breathtaking. The room boasts a hardwood dance floor and a fireplace as wells as vintage mahogany furniture and tapestries on the walls. Cuisine in the restaurant is American with an Asian twist. A highly recommended dish here is the crusted rib eye steak, one of the most popular steaks in the world and the signature meal in Warfield Restaurant. Visitors can also order the herb crusted rack of lamb, the restaurant’s hit, served with farm-to-table vegetables. The restaurant’s chef is also famous for his finger-licking duck pastas, which anyone eating in the restaurant will surely enjoy.

There are more fine dining places and casual restaurants in the Finger Lakes area. All of them offer the pleasant experience of eating delicious food and coming into healing contact with water.

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