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Unemployment benefits are about to shrink, and eviction protections will expire in mid-August

For the last several months families have been depending on enhanced unemployment benefits to make ends meet amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

However, two key enhancements come to an end this week. The first is an extra $600 in any unemployed persons’ weekly payment from the state. That was enhanced from the CARES Act at the start of the pandemic, and since drawing heavy criticism from Republicans and some Democrats – the additional payment was not renewed before expiring.

If renewed it will likely only be for around $200 extra per week, in addition to whatever each state gives out as its maximum benefit.

The second major assist that is going to disappear in the coming weeks is the eviction moratorium in New York. That goes away on August 20th, and unless extended via executive order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it could mean a wave of evictions for those who are now months behind on rent.

“We understand they need to get paid and it’s a very big priority but unfortunately right now putting food on in our babies’ stomach and clothes on her back takes priority over everything,” Alex Solomon told 13WHAM. He’s been donating plasma twice a week to make ends meet, and without the extra $600 in unemployment benefits – they aren’t certain what will come next for their family.

Four months ago Alex and Javon Solomon moved to Rochester from Ohio. They are thinking about moving back. “It is very, very scary, we have talked about going back to Ohio because we have means of getting jobs there,” Alex added.

The U.S. Senate is working on another relief package, which is expected to include payments of $1,200 to most Americans.

Meanwhile, others say they cannot go back to work until child care needs are met. With massive expense tied to that, they are asking for federal intervention.

All of these issues loom as protections expire, and enhancements run out leaving families with few options.