Officials worry about COVID spike as Route 90 sale happens in Cayuga County

Each year there is a 50-mile-long garage sale in Cayuga County. It’s called the Route 90 Sale, and it typically draws thousands.

Officials tell The Auburn Citizen that they are worried about what could happen if the sale occurs in terms of a COVID spike.

“People that come into our community (for the sale) are from different places and they come up and set up on town property or state property and they’re not residents of the community,” Montezuma Supervisor John Malenick told the Citizen.

Locke Supervisor Craig Todd told the Citizen that he thinks the sale should be cancelled entirely.

Both officials agree that small, rural communities in Cayuga County have not had a major issue with COVID-19 due to relative isolation compared to denser cities.

Officials also cited cancellations of major events like the New York State Fair, and Empire Farm Days as considerations to cancel the Route 90 sale.

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