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UPDATE: Roseland told by NYS that it cannot reopen as planned

After officials at Roseland Water Park announced earlier in the week that they would be reopening on Friday with limited attractions – New York State stepped in and shut it down.

The initial announcement came on Thursday, which noted that the wave pool and splash factory would open on Friday. Those two attractions would open on a limited basis, according to park officials.

They had planned on having two shifts open during the day. One from the late-morning to early-afternoon; then a second from mid-afternoon until late-afternoon.

Steve Fuller, who owns the park, said Roseland would not open on Friday as intended. The news was delivered to them during the morning.

It’s not clear when they will be able to reopen, either.

“Roseland Waterpark will not be opening today. We will issue a statement shortly with more information. Thank you for your patience and understanding,” officials said in a posting to Facebook.

Pools and spray parks have been allowed to open in the Rochester-area. Roseland had made several modifications to its operating policy to reopen on Friday.