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Prince William and Kate Middleton flabbergast pensioners with a Bingo game via Zoom

Prince William and Kate Middleton have spent a lot of time getting in touch with care workers in the UK. Just like many other Brits, the members of the royal family wanted to thank them for their efforts in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Shire Hall is just one of the many places they called over the last few weeks, but the last call made to this location was special. That’s because the royal couple used the opportunity to play bingo with the residents.

Bingo in the time of the pandemic

Bingo is one of the most popular games in United Kingdom and it is enjoyed in both land-based locations and over the Internet with hundreds of new bingo sites reviewed at websites like in the UK. Over the last couple of years, the number of people playing online has increased sharply, peaking in the time of the coronavirus crisis. This safer form of playing the game, doubled by convenience has convinced even more people to switch to online bingo. When action resumes in brick-and-mortar bingo rooms, social distancing measures will need to be implemented to make things work.

For the time being Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William pleasantly surprised the residents of Shire Hall by playing bingo with them. Participants were naturally excited about the prospect of playing their favorite game with the royal couple. Joan was the lucky resident who got the full house first, which prompted the Duke and Duchess to cheer for the winner. The hosts were obviously impressed by their performance in calling numbers, but this was far from enough to sweep the pensioner off her feet.

Doing the right thing with a smile

Joan rated the royal couple’s bingo lingo as decent, but not as good as it should have been. This surprising remark sent shockwaves of laughter throughout the crowd, as the other residents had a lot of fun. The cheeky remarks took the Duke and Duchess by surprise, yet they were not amused and laughed it off. It was a welcomed distraction from the multiple troubles caused by the coronavirus, especially in care homes which have been hard hit by the pandemic.

The multiple interactions that Prince William and Kate Middleton had with care workers and residents over the last weeks have had a positive impact. By spending time with them and listening about the problems they face and the obstacles they overcome, the royal couple boosted their confidence. It is the kind of moral support needed to deal with the multiple challenges and the heartbreaks caused by the crisis. The Duke and Duchess are committed to their PPE work and it’s refreshing that they found the time to also get involved in fun activities capable of bringing the smile on the faces of care home residents and the staff.

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