Software Development in Eastern Europe

Nowadays, creating websites, games, and software is a profitable and very promising business. The modern infrastructure allows employing highly-qualified professionals from any place of the world. Many experts agree that Central-Eastern Europe is quite an interesting place for investments and the best option for subcontracting. Today, we will focus on the reasons why plenty of enterprises trust the developers from this region.

Eastern European IT Offshoring

Following the report of Capital Times, such countries as Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Romania represent a fast-growing, highly-competitive market for software development. Two years ago, the regional firms exported the services for $13 billion that is a record sum of investments into the IT sector of the region. Meanwhile, such IT companies as continue to expand their capabilities and expertise to provide the best solutions on the market.

If you ask what factors make the IT market of Easterna and Central Europe fast-growing, we will tell you the following:

1. Increasing economic interdependence;

2. The willingness of developed countries to relocate jobs abroad;

3. The growing need for the digital transformation of businesses.

In this regard, the above-mentioned countries create a highly-competitive group. To begin with, the annual revenue of the IT contracting in Eastern and Central Europe is increasing 4-5 times faster (20-25% per year) than the global one (5% per year). In combination with high profitability, it makes this region an attractive destination for investors.

So, let’s study each country in detail.

1) Ukraine

Software development is one of the fast-growing sectors of the national economy. Its annual revenue exceeds $3.6 billion. A big network of IT hubs across the country is driven by the support of technical institutions and fourteen IT clusters, which include 80 companies. So, Ukrainians continue to gain a foothold in the world market with a focus on US and European clients.

This country is usually top-ranked by web development. According to Crysberry study, Ukrainians hold the leading positions by the number of specialists:

  • 1 in C ++ and Unity3d,

  • 2 in Magento, JS, and Scala,

  • 3 in Ruby, Python, Node.js, and ASP.NET.

Eventually, this is the reason the UK Global Outsourcing Association entitles Ukraine as the number one off-shore destination in the world.

2) Poland

This country has become the R&D hub for companies in different industries. This is the reason why software development brings up to 35% of annual revenue to the national IT market. Moreover, Poland is a member of the EU, which means that it adheres to the same standards of data protection as the European Union. This is a huge advantage, especially when your project is related to web development.

Polish IT specialists are known for their high level of expertise, so many foreign students come here to get more experience. PHP is the most frequently-used language of programming alongside Java and .NET. According to the experts, the share of the Polish IT services on the global market will increase to $14 billion in 2022.

3) Romania

The sector of IT services in Romania continues to grow at a faster pace every year. This sphere is developing quickly primarily because of the foreign investments. Today, around 100 thousand employees work in the software development sphere, and it is expected that in 2021 this number will increase to 125 thousand.

Additionally, Romania, like Poland is a member state of the European Union that is known for its strict regulations.

4) Belarus

There are many talented programmers in Belarus. This is quite widely known thanks to popular computer games like World of Tanks, Massive Assault, and others.

The Belarusian IT ecosystem is a dynamic combo of research and development institutions, manufacturing companies, and investors. Nowadays, about 60% of programmers are involved in the outsourcing of software development services. At the end of 2018, the national IT industry took the third position by the number of IT vacancies in the world.

In Conclusion

By 2021, the global IT market will overrun $840 billion. The software development offshoring in Central and Eastern Europe is expected to double in terms of revenue over the next 5 years. It is also proved that the region is a solid foundation for the global software development sphere. Its influence will grow steadily, making a new “Silicon Valley” in Europe. You can get acquainted with the latest trends in web development from FortySeven47 at the link: Trends in web development from FortySeven47