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Humane Raccoon Removal Techniques

Oh great. You have an unwanted raccoon in your house. Whether it’s in your attic, garage, or a multitude of other places, raccoons can cause problems. Raccoons love living in your house because it’s warm, safe, and is often close to many food sources. Sometimes a mother raccoon will den in your attic, causing many more critters to eventually run around your property. It’s best to take care of raccoons as soon as possible, as they can cause damage in many ways. We should strive to take care of the raccoons in the most humane way possible. Check out Humane Wildlife Control Society if you need an expert to help with your problem.

Why should I humanely remove raccoons?

Raccoons that get into your house are usually looking for shelter or a nice place to den. In most cases of a raccoon living in your attic, for example, the culprit will be a female raccoon with a small litter of three to five raccoon pups. The nursing period for these pups is about 10 weeks, which means that unless you take care of it, you could have many more walking around your house and property. One of the biggest reasons to use humane removal methods is because the pups would grow up without a mother, and would more than likely die. A related, additional reason is humane removal keeps the family together, which will ensure that the pups grow up with a mother to keep them healthy.

Even if you were to humanely trap the mother, you might not know about the pups, and they could sit there and die a slow death, eventually rotting and making even more of a problem. If you were to catch a raccoon in a cage trap, make sure to check for nipples. If you see any, it means that there are baby raccoons that need to be taken care of as well. At the end of the day, there are many reasons to humanely remove raccoons, the largest being that it will give the pups the best chance of staying alive and growing up healthy.

What are humane raccoon removal techniques?

There are many ways to humanely remove raccoons from your home. One of the most popular ways is without a doubt by using a live cage trap. The cage trap can take many forms, from a plastic bucket style to a wire mesh style of trap. These traps are generally set with some kind of lure or bait in the back. The raccoon would walk in the trap to get to the bait, step on the trigger, and the door would close, keeping them from leaving the trap. It causes the raccoon no pain and is an excellent, humane removal technique. Another humane technique is to try using raccoon eviction fluid, which scares the raccoons out of the area, keeping them together as a family.

Choosing to humanely remove raccoons from your home is an excellent feeling, as you know that you helped keep the family together. Even if there ended up being no raccoon pups, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. For more humane raccoon removal tips visit

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