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New details on New York’s outdated unemployment system

New light has been shed on the issues surrounding New York’s unemployment system.

It starts with MS-DOS, which is otherwise known as Microsoft Disk Operating System, which was last updated 20 years ago. It was released in 1981.

That’s the power house behind the state’s unemployment system, according to News10NBC, who gained access to a training video from the state to examine the system.

In 2017 the state considered updating the Department of Labor’s system. However, that didn’t happen. And earlier this year, the DOL was flooded with requests.

A total of $10 billion in unemployment benefits have been processed, but not without significant frustration. Thousands are still contacting the DOL on social media platforms, and over the phone to get claims ironed out.

The state told News10NBC it’s in the process of going through a five year update. Google is also lending a hand.

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