Top Tips US Web Developers can Learn from the Best Online Casinos

US online casinos are flourishing, as are those overseas. The rising success of gambling over the internet is due not only to legislative moves but the compelling websites to which visitors enjoy returning. In this way, betting sites have much to teach web developers generally, and we’ve outlined some tips below.

Finding Top Online Casinos

Before we get to some development tips, it’s worth looking at top casinos themselves. They’re increasingly popular in the United States due to a compelling combination of great games, wide range of payment options, and attractive bonuses. Offshore casinos are even more numerous and many are now accepting US players as well. These top international casinos are often multi-developer sites which means Americans can have a much larger range of games and bonuses to try. Slots number in the hundreds and there’s often a wide variety of table games, with fresh twists on old classics like blackjack and roulette.

The competitive nature of the industry means it’s always worth browsing for the best bonuses, with new players regularly able to take advantage of generous welcome promotions. Existing players often have access to specific clubs and ongoing bonuses to help maintain their loyalty too, and these promos are available for mobile platforms as well.

The success of the online casino industry, both for American players and those from elsewhere in the world, is in large part down to the strong and constantly evolving sites put together by online betting firms. Web developers in other areas can learn a lot from looking at the best US online casinos, as outlined below.

Enticing New Visitors with Warm Welcomes

Getting visitors to come to your site come to your site and sign up is an essential part of building up a successful venture. Casinos are keen to poach players from rivals and foster interest from those considering joining through the medium of welcome bonuses. These special offers are very commonplace and are a practice that’s also utilized by shopping sites with discounts on initial purchases and the like. There is no shortage of websites on the internet and it can be very helpful having a little prize for those who pick yours instead of the competition. But just as essential is ensuring such golden welcomes are easy to find, and the eye is drawn to them, as part of the color and design process we discuss below.

Color Psychology and Clear Design

Human eyes are pretty poor except in two regards: color and movement. This harks back to hunter-gatherer days, when color perception was essential for identifying whether fruit had become edible, and motion sensitivity was crucial for spotting camouflaged prey (and predators). In web development terms, a snazzy color scheme that catches the eye helps to make a site look compelling, and it can also feed into easy navigability by naturally directing a player’s gaze to significant menu items (the bonus section being an obvious one for casinos). Different colors can work together in different ways. Red and yellow, for example, are often used for low cost impulse buying (consider sweet wrappers or McDonald’s color scheme). Black and white can stand out a lot, but may look a bit on the serious, sombre side. Obviously the right hues vary according to a site’s function, and it’s important to avoid a visual catastrophe (purple polka dots on bright yellow will certainly leave a strong impression, and drive away visitors pretty effectively).

Taking the visual side of things a step further, a committed design style can help give a site more of an identity, elevating it beyond being just another website. This can start with a color scheme and be tied together with motifs and readily recognizable design choices (a Western style might have plenty of desert orange, sky blue, and vibrant green cacti, for example).

Since the return of online gambling to America players have been able to try their hand at hundreds of games, maybe even thousands. When you have a huge range of games, products, or other features a slick navigational setup is essential for players to avoid getting lost and frustrated. Keeping things simple and uncluttered, with easy search options (including filtering different categories) can go a long way to easing the player experience and making a large portfolio of products or services manageable.

Frequent Updates and Social Options

A great way for visitors to feel engaged is with regular but constantly changing competitions or special offers, such as weekly challenges and long-term leaderboards which the top online casinos do all the time. The advantage of leaderboards can be that they enable some friendly rivalry, whilst changing the challenges regularly keeps them fresh to help maintain player interest.

Right from the start, embracing new trends and technology has been a good idea for attracting and retaining visitors. This can include an increasing number of social interaction options as well as enhancing graphics so the site doesn’t look outdated, through to hardware breakthroughs like making slots or other games compatible with VR headsets. For shopping sites, this could involve review options, with well-received and prolific reviewers earning little rewards as a thank you.

Security is Essential

Having robust security is essential on sites that have ecommerce functions, whether that’s buying and selling goods in a marketplace or depositing and withdrawing cash at a betting site. Making use of the best technology such as SSL encryption is critical for security of the site and confidence of the consumer when making monetary transactions.

Provide Responsive Customer Support

One of the most basic yet important steps a site can take is to have a proper help/FAQs section. Glitches and questions from newcomers are bound to happen and most people are content to address these themselves, if the information is easy to find and understand. However, underpinning this should be a knowledgeable and polite customer support service, ready to resolve matters promptly and fairly if they’re too difficult to be remedied by using a help section. And, as with welcome offers, the help section should be very easy to find. Nothing’s worse than having a problem, except having a problem and no way of finding the solution. The positive reputation this helps build will also increase the chances of potential visitors actually signing up.

Ecommerce Options

Ecommerce can also be made much more straightforward by having multiple payment methods possible to suit the broadest range of customers. This includes being aware of and making available new methods such as Bitcoin and Apple Pay. This is especially useful on the international stage as many payment methods are restricted geographically.


Certain customization options for US and offshore betting sites (such as deposit and loss limits and the like) may not precisely transfer to other web operations, but the general principle of customization can. Other types of limitations may be very useful (time limits for online video games, for example) in different fields, and giving visitors this option is a definite plus. It not only allows for specific tailoring to occur but is also indicative that a site feels a duty of care to its visitors, which can be reassuring. The concept of customization can also envelop design features mentioned previously.

Positive Experience

The last point is arguably the most important: enjoyable experience. In a casino context this means that the games on offer are so engaging that video game developers have started learning lessons about the grind being the driver of customer interest (more so than the money, counter-intuitively). Not every site will offer games, of course, but for those that do making the process of playing a blend of relaxation and engagement can help a lot. And even sites that have no games should still aspire to make the process of reading, shopping, or otherwise interacting as seamless and stress-free as possible. If people leave your site happy and relaxed they’re far more likely to return than if it feels like a chore. User interface coupled with the design choices are the way to make a positive experience more likely for more visitors.

We hope you found these tips useful for web development. They’re certainly indicative of how freely ideas can flow between iGaming and other spheres, with casinos influencing video games and other areas, and vice versa.