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Dog that spent five years at Ontario County shelter finds forever home

After four years of waiting, Happy Tails Animal Shelter — Ontario County Humane Society’s (OCHS) longest resident was adopted today and left the shelter for the last time with his new forever family. Brody, the 5-year-old pit bull mix arrived at the shelter in 2016 as a result of a police seizure.

Brody had developed a protective streak, which required him to be placed with an individual without any other pets or small children. For years, he patiently waited as other dogs in the kennels around him were adopted. But ultimately, not even a pandemic was enough to disrupt Brody’s destiny, and stay-at-home orders turned into a forever-home miracle.

In his time at the shelter, Brody worked his way into the hearts of so many volunteers and staff that seeing him leave was bittersweet. With social distancing guidelines in mind, OCHS staff broadcasted his departure on Facebook Live so the public could see Brody off and wish him well.

“As a licensed no-kill shelter, there is no predetermined length of time our animals can stay with us,” Ontario County Humane Society Adoption Coordinator Erika Murphy said. “It’s our mission to place animals into the right home, under the best circumstances for the animal and adopting families, as quickly as possible. Brody is an incredibly special dog and is so deserving of this happy ending. Knowing that he’s finally home brings me so much joy. This is why we do what we do.”

Brody was rescued through the shelter’s virtual adoption program, which has helped nearly 30 animals find loving forever homes. Dozens of cats and dogs are still waiting for their second chance. Prospective adoptees can learn more about them on the shelter’s website or by tuning in to virtual meet and greets on the shelter’s Facebook page at 1 p.m. on Fridays.

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