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Virtual adoption program off to strong start at Happy Tails Animal Shelter

Since launching its virtual adoption program one month ago, Happy Tails Animal Shelter — Ontario County Humane Society has already placed 25 animals into loving forever homes. Additionally, more than 60 virtual adoption applications have been submitted and 46 individual meet and greets were hosted with special social distancing precautions in place to protect the staff, prospective adopters and animals.

“The animals at our shelter are deserving of love and ready for forever homes,” Ontario County Humane Society Adoption Coordinator Erika Murphy said. “We’re incredibly proud to have placed 25 animals in the right homes through our virtual adoption program and hope to have the same happy ending for the remaining animals in our care.”

Most of the dogs and cats in OCHS’s care today need forever homes without any other pets or children. As a licensed no-kill shelter, there is no predetermined length of time they can stay at the shelter. However, the goal is to place animals into the right home, under the best circumstances for the animal and adopting families, as quickly as possible.

“The reality of the situation is animals that need homes without other pets or children are more difficult to place and, therefore, will remain here with us at the shelter for a longer period of time,” Murphy said. “This doesn’t mean that these aren’t great animals. They are the best and we love them very much. They just require additional patience as a result of the struggles they’ve endured before arriving at the shelter.”

The organization continues to host weekly virtual meet and greets on Facebook at 1 p.m. on Fridays.

“We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the dozens of families who have given our animals a new life. It is our ultimate goal to empty the shelter and, with the community’s support, we’re confident we can accomplish this. We hope community members see this or read this and will consider meeting our animals. One of them might be the perfect new family member for them!”

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